One of our Consultants wanted to let you know about the benefits of working with an independent company

Posted to Uncategorised on Fri, 06 Apr, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I bloody love my job.

This isn’t some cock and bull story about how I won some contract or did something well. It’s just my thoughts on how lucky I was to find a company I want to work for every single day!

I’ve worked in recruitment for years across different divisions and companies and had some amazing highs and some real lows. Whether they were large or small organisations, recruitment can be highly frustrating when, for any number of reasons, you dread going in to work or are simply dragging yourself through the days.

Now though? I work for a company that although only has 25 people, we have a huge range of personalities and an amazing recruitment ethic to do things the right way. But more importantly, I like being in work!

So why was I fed up?

  • Pointless KPIs
  • Unnecessary corporate practices
  • The ridiculous hours of expected work
  • Knowing I’d just become one of hundreds of members of staff fighting to get one of only a few promotion positions and not always being the best at playing the game
  • The difficulties recruitment offers around flexibility to have a life around your job

Kate + Co however?

With this company backing, put me up against any other person in the recruitment world (within my market!) and I will give a better service

  • I’ve complete autonomy and trust from senior management – I shaped and wrote my own job description!
  • It’s actually fun – just look at our “sometimes fancy dress” monthly sales days!
  • They know I’m an individual and one mould won’t fit all
  • Being that individual is thoroughly embraced and encouraged, with amazing training tailored towards it
  • We work 9 ‘til 5 (roughly!) and finish at 4 on a Friday!!!!!!
  • I run a very successful desk that the company has helped grow over 20 years and am reaping every reward that goes with it
  • We aren’t just a company that say one thing and do another, the encouragement offered for innovative and creative working is like nothing else out there
  • I’m building my own team based on what I think will work best for me and my market, with complete backing from a truly amazing team of Directors

My colleagues actually get on with each other and want the company to do well, rather than fighting with each other over who is best, who owns the candidate and who has the biggest pay cheque. And most importantly? I wake up each day and want to come to work!

Please don’t get me wrong, the music in the office, the family-esque feel, the freedom to have a drink on a Friday… it’s not for everyone. But if you want to look at it another way to recruit in the right way with a real people focus, I couldn’t recommend anywhere better.